This is me

Name: Mirthe van Liere
Date of Birth: September, 1985

After practicing a variety of different sports I discovered sports-climbing in 2008. I joined a two hour climbing introduction at the local gym at Nieuwegein, and couldn’t stop anymore. I immediately felt at home, being surrounded by climbers, interesting routes and experienced the pleasure of  physical and mental strain. That same year people introduced me into outdoor rock climbing (Font in France, Freyr in Belgium) and that was the moment that I thought: I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with this sport.

My memorable results
I’ve found that some indoor and outdoor routes are memorable and special to me because of the grade and the style.
2008: First 6b+, my first project ever. This fantastic yellow plastic route, on a continuous slightly overhanging wall, grasped my focus from the first day I entered the gym. The three months that followed I tried this route over and over again. It gave me a lot of insight in the technique and tactic of climbing. The moment I topped this route, it felt like a dance to the top.
2009: First 7a, the gap between a 6 and a 7. A purple route with the same style on the same wall as my first 6b+. This time I was already more experienced and could use some more strength and technique.
2010: First 7b, flowing on small crimps. Great route on small crimps, dynamic moves and a big sloper halfway. Struggling against the difficult move in the end.
2011: First 7c, this year. Purple again, small holds, big slopers and a variation between dynamic and static moves. Great feeling.
2013: First 8a (9+) and first two 7c+’s (5.13a) in one week. I’ve tried three 5.13’s in 2012 but didn’t break into a new grade that year. In January of 2013 I finally reached a new grade. I climbed two routes in Shelf Road of which one 2nd go! Half a year later I climbed my first 8a, Die Zwei Muskeltiere, in the Frankenjura.

Specialization in Anthropology
When I started climbing, I studied Cultural and Social Anthropology. Because I’m really addicted and curious about climbing I focused my study around climbing. Several researches were about the experience and lifestyle of climbing. In my masters thesis I’ve also focused on climbing, by discussing the ethics and practices of bouldering in Font. 

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