Living healthy and getting back into climbing stronger

I’ve been climbing in the gym today! Great to be climbing again after such a long time!!! It was really good to feel that I’m stronger in my shoulders and core. I’ve been training my antagonist muscle groups, and it feels good.
Also I’ve been (trying to) eat healthy and lose some weight. I’m keeping track of all the food i’m eating in MyFitnessPal and I’m aiming for a total balance around 50% carbohydrates 30% protein 20% fat. Ideally I’m trying to get even more protein instead of carbohydrates during training days.
I’m also running a lot lately. Unfortunately, I don’t see the difference on the scale yet, but I’m feeling healthier for sure. Still a few kilos heavier than I’ve been before, but it didn’t bother me too much while climbing today. I feel strong and fit! Motivated to get back on the wall and to go outdoors soon!
These are two of my favorite salads (lunch or dinner, or both :D)


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