Last qualification round for the Dutch Championships & the Pyrenees

Picture: Menno Haas

Two weeks ago I competed in the last qualification round in order to qualify for the Dutch Championships. It has been a very strange competition year for me. I competed in three out of four comps, placed every time really good for finals and dropped down in the ranking every single time. Last comp might be the worst out of three. I placed first for the finals and struggled in every final boulder problem. I was determined to try really hard, so I did. It had the opposite effect. I injured my hand really bad in boulder problem 3. The pain got worse and worse in isolation. I was considering to skip the last problem. After a chat with Nikki, I decided to give it at least a try. I tried the problem gently, but it felt too bad, so I stopped.

Picture: Menno Haas


Picture: Menno Haas


Picture: Menno Haas


Picture: Menno Haas

I cannot describe how I felt. I just recovered from my shoulder injury and now I injured my hand! One day before our holiday! Three weeks before the Dutch Championships. I spoke with a friend, who is a physiotherapist (thanks Rens!), and he noted that it probably would be a tear in my hand muscle. I should take a week off and then buddy tape it and carefully start climbing again. So I did. The pain was pretty severe the first couple of days. After that I started climbing some slabs. Later on, I tried other stuff, but every time a problem involved a harder move for my left hand, I was lost. I kept hoping for a quick recovery and back home after 11 days we went to the bouldering gym. My fitness is pretty bad and the hand still not fully recovered. It’s just too painful to hold on to some holds. I try to find some other beta and I am doing as much as possible to get fit. Still giving my hand rest and hoping for some more progression coming week. I doubted for a while if I should unsubscribe for the nationals, but I decided to give it a try! Fingers crossed and hopefully I can change the cycle of dropping down in the ranking. I hope I can qualify for the final round and then crush! Getting psyched already.


Besides not being able to really climb during our holiday, we had an amazing time in the Pyrenees with our little dog Lizzie the Wizzie. She climbed her first bulderproblem, 4a!!! Check out some pictures and the video we made. 







Een gedachte over “Last qualification round for the Dutch Championships & the Pyrenees

  1. That's rather sad, Mirthe. Still, I want to commend you for going the distance and taking up the heights, even with a previously-injured shoulder. It’s too bad that you had to bow out due to that hand injury, but you gave it a good try. It would be best to rest and recuperate for now, and maybe think of ways to tackle those boulder problems that you had trouble with. Take care!

    Natasha Shelton @ CCOE


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