So,did I get fit enough in 5 days?

Final problem in which I couldn’t match the last hold
Picture by Sytse van Slooten

In my last blogpost I wrote about my motivation to get fit in 5 days for the first bouldering comp of the year. In the end I trained 3 days and definitely needed two restdays afterwards.
I made some quick progression, but the overall fitness wasn’t back yet.

Pretty nervous I arrived at the qualifiers for Boulder 1. The qualifier round existed of 8 problems which you could try 5 times max. It was super crowded and we had to wait pretty long for every single try. In the end I didn’t need much tries, because I flashed 4 problems and got 1 problem second go. One problem had a running start and I wasted my 5 tries in the beginning. Couldn’t even get to the first hold ๐Ÿ™‚ One problem was just too hard, so I tried once and gave up. None of the girls did it, and it was a shared problem for men and women. Probably 7b+. The last problem was a nice one. My first try, I came to the finish hold but wasn’t able to match it. Second and third try I failed in the beginning and the last two tries I got to the end hold but still wasn’t able to match it.ย 
Totally unexpected I qualified as first for the final!! Crazy! So many pretty strong women were competing, so that gave me a really good feeling.ย 
In the final I lost my first place very quick, because I wasn’t able to top any problem. Bummer! But I have to admit that the girl above me totally deserved it to win. In two of the problems I reached the last hold, but again, couldn’t match it. I’m not sure if it was due to lack of endurance, fingerstrength, balance… Not sure. I even thought in a black problem that I got my second hand on it, but after watching the video footage I didn’t even come close ๐Ÿ˜€ How strange!ย 
It was a good experience, nice to be back and very cool that so many people were supporting me. I haven’t been climbing much last months, but I will be training a lot more coming months and I will see if I will get a better result next time.

Qualifier in which I couldn’t match the last hold
Picture by Sytse van Slooten

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