Bist du dęppad?! Short Maltatal (Austria) bouldering trip

As you might have guessed after my last blog post, we had to go back to Stephan in Austria. This time we enjoyed a short week in the sweet Tangern area and got three days on the beautiful boulders in Maltatal.


Something was different this time, because we brought someone with us, Lizzie the Wizzie!! Our brand new family member. This little sweet puppy was very pleased to meet Flow and oh my gosh: they had SO MUCH FUN together. And Lizzie was so much braver than we could have ever guessed. Hopping around in the boulder area and running after the super fast Flow.

Tried hard

For me it was a whole different experience this time, bouldering in Maltatal. I had been training harder in The Netherlands the weeks before we went, but unfortunately it didn’t brought me any results. Whereas I finished some nice 7b’s and 7a’s last time, I only topped one problem this time!!! Crazy?! Cold hands and too many people in the area might have been the problem… I’m not exactly sure.

At first I got pretty frustrated about it, I wanted to top out something. That’s were we came for, right? I had some nice problems I wanted to climb, none of them worked out for me this time. Even though I tried pretty hard, I guess. Well, later on I got used to it and I enjoyed the ‘training aspect’ of trying without finishing. In the end I managed to climb one 7a+ on really small crimps and a hard core tension start. Just watch the video to see it. The others climbed much more, including some 7c’s for Stefan (Sweet!!).

Now I’m back I feel super psyched to train again, even harder and get fit. When it is getting warm outside again, I will be back to finish some nice lines.

Special thanks to my sponsor

Just before this trip, I received a really awesome Chillaz Crashpad from Bart (Klimhal Amsterdam).
This thing is just so amazing! It has so many features which makes it the best pad I ever used. It’s thick, has inflatable air mattresses in-between, plenty of stuffing space, is super big and it has a great board game on the inside! You should definitely check it out if your planning on getting a new crashpad. Read more and buy it at the bergsportshop.

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