I’ve quit climbing

A very funny rumor spread through the climbing gyms in The Netherlands.
I’ve quit climbing. Forever! At least, that’s what I’ve heard from other people.

Haha, well… I can tell you one thing: I didn’t quit.
But uhm yeah… I haven’t been climbing much either.

Just a little fed up with the finger injury, sweaty gym and plastic routes.
Instead I’ve been doing some aggressive inline skating lately. Something I did as a kid, when I didn’t know what fear was. Now… I do know what fear is :). But it’s fun to be outside and practice some old and new tricks!

However, I guess Stefan and I should visit the gym more often from now on, because….. holiday is almost there and we will go CLIMBING.

Our plan is to go to the Frankenjura for a couple of weeks and then visit Stephan in Austria. Sweet!!!

Check out our last year video from the Frankenjura!

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