The Show Off 2013

So, I got invited for the Show Off 2013.
The Show Off is a funny competition whereby three Dutchies climb against 2 top climbers. This year Juliane Wurm and Jan Hojer were the guests. The goal was to climb a (not too difficult) route in which you really have to show off everything you’ve got.

The idea of leading a route while doing crazy moves, got me a little nerved. Also the fact that it was a dress-up kind of thing, made the whole thing pretty exciting. These things were exactly the reason why I wanted to do it. The challenge for me: dare to act crazy in front of a crowd J

I got the opportunity to try the route one week before and figured out what powerful, spectacular moves I would do. I started the route with a dyno that day, but I wasn’t sure if I would stick the move at the day of the competition. Yesterday, I was still doubting if I would go for the dyno, or choose for the saver option. Well, it had to be spectacular right? So I went for the dyno.

The dyno worked out well and got my first cheers from the crowd. Thanks! That was exactly what I had hoped for, because the whole idea of The Show Off is to get as much support from the crowd as possible in order to win. I did some other tricks, threw some confetti down and ended with a couple of pull ups. Showing off everything I got 😛

Still I was the loser of the night. I guess my sweater with the big letter ‘L’ suited well that night J  

The most spectacular moves that evening, were showed by Jan Hojer. OMG. He’s so crazy strong. It was great to see him going up the route while doing a couple of one-armers, planking half-way up and dynoing into a flag position. It was amazing.

And now… off to Turkey! Climbing some sweet rocks in Geyik Bayiri! 

Trying hard during the speed route – but waaaaaaaay to slow 🙂
Photo: Frank Penders
Throwing down some sweet hearts!!!
Photo: Frank Penders
Photo: Frank Penders
Photo: Frank Penders

Last crazy moves of the route
Photo: Frank Penders

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