Come and support me! The Show Off 2013

Crazy Climbing Competition
I’m still living my amazingly good new life. All set in my new house and lovin’ my new job. 
Didn’t climb much lately – unfortunately. Still having problems with that stupid finger.

However, I booked a flight to Antalya to climb at Geyikbayiri in the holidays AND I accepted the offer to rock my socks off at the show off!

The Show Off 
A crazy fun competition whereby World Cup climbers and Dutch top climbers will make as many sick, cool and crazy moves at possible. Well… so yeah… I should not explain it any further because that arouse my nerves 🙂 Dynoing while leading, upside-down tricks…. I’m not sure what exactly to expect but I guess it will be tons of fun.

I need you to show up! 
Oh and one other thing: please show up to support me! It’s all about the audience!!! About you! Because the public is the jury and your applause and cheers decide who wins! As a foreigner in Amsterdam I will need your support for sure! 😉

Check out last years video on Facebook: Bericht door Mountain Network Amsterdam.

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