That moment when it all comes together!

Have you ever experienced such a period in your life in which you felt caught between past and future? In which you kept wondering when life would turn into your favor? And that whole of a sudden…. exactly at the moment when you didn’t expect it… it all came together?

That just happened to me this past week!
I got the sweetest job in the world and found myself a cozy house at the perfect place. Done!

After some rejections for career opportunities, even though I was coming really close in getting the jobs, I started to wonder if I was actually made for the working life in general. I figured that I was probably searching too specific, too explicitly for a job that would bring me joy. Maybe I would never be able to find thát dream job! If it would even exist in the first place. Even more problematic was that I didn’t know for sure what I exactly liked to do. What I was capable of doing…
Besides I was searching for houses. After being invited several times to take a look at some horrible houses, I started to worry… Was there really no single house in the area that would be affordable, not too crappy and not crazy far away from the places I need to get to?

Now I know: there is a job that I love to do and it fits perfectly to my interests and there is a cute affordable house! And I’m the lucky person to have both, in one week!

A friend in Colorado, Lauren, told me from her own experiences that after a period of bad luck there will always be a period of good luck. I remember responding to her: “I’m curious when that period will start.”
Well, it has started for sure now Lauren! 

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