BAZ 2013 – 3th place

BAZ 2013
Photo courtesy: Monique Stuut 

Wow, wow, wow! I had a great time yesterday at the beach in Scheveningen. Thanks Iris for talking me into it!

BAZ, Boulderen Aan Zee (bouldering at sea) was a sunny competition with a great atmosphere.
Together with Rianne I climbed some qualification boulders during the day. I enjoyed the well-set problems and there was a lot of variation. I hadn’t been bouldering after the last competition so I was happy to see myself placed for the semi-finals.

The semi-finals had a fun, different structure. The 13 best qualified women were divided into three groups. I got into group B, in which also Muriel Sarkany and Friederike Petri were placed, two super strong and technical women. We got 20 minutes for each of the three problems and four tries for each individual. In this format you could watch others and use the beta you saw. Watching Muriel en Friederike was very motivating and helpful for me. I managed to climb two of the three problems, just as Muriel. We both qualified for finals, because the two best of each group were placed. Unfortunately Friederike topped only one problem. The disadvantage of this semi-final format was that Friederike wasn’t placed for the finals, even though she climbed better than some other finalists that got into a different subgroup and managed to get into the final with only one or even no tops.

                        Semi-Final problem 1 (top)                                                         Semi-Final problem 3 (no top)                     

 Photo Courtesy: Waldo Ruiterman

The final problems were also flash. For three of the finalists however, including me, the first problem was on-sight. We were grouped together by two, whereby Muriel and I were together in the B group. You got 4 minutes for each problem with 4 minutes rest. I had to start with a pink problem in the center of the wall. Big beautiful slopers and big moves. I loved the problem. Climbed pretty steady to the last move, but slipped off before I could go to the last jug. This happened twice and then my time was over. No top for me. (It is unreal and motivating at the same time to notice that if I would have topped this one, I might have been 2nd or even 1st! Crazy!).

Photo Courtesy: Waldo Ruiterman

For the second problem I could watch Tabitha to get some beta. I just missed however one of the most important things, namely how she did the jump. It turned out afterwards that the others matched a small crimp, walked a bit to the left and then jumped. I didn’t do this, resulting in a crazy big dyno to the left which worked out well to my great surprise!!! I could use the heel-hook beta I saw from Tabitha to finish the problem easily. That was a flash. Sweet!

Photo Courtesy: Waldo Ruiterman

The third and last problem was a tricky one. You had to go to a volume, go a little bit dynamic to a side-pull and keep your core tight to hold on to it. The last moves were pretty balancy and tricky as well, so I was extremely happy when I managed to match the last hold! Thanks to everybody who encouraged me so loud, that really helped me to try hard!

Photo Courtesy: Waldo Ruiterman

Vera and Muriel both topped all three problems and Vera got ranked first upon tries. Muriel was 2nd, I third, Tabitha 4th, Rianne 5th and Corien 6th.

Another good thing at BAZ was that the men’s finals were not at the same time as the women’s. So we could watch and it was awesome to see Elko Schellingerhout crush two of the crazy hard three problems.

3 gedachtes over “BAZ 2013 – 3th place

  1. Hey Mirthe,

    since I have no other way of contacting you, I'm responding to your last post.

    I got an email last night telling me I'd made it to the NK. If I'd known this sooner I would've gone for it, but since I can't get a babysitter and am completely unprepared, I cancelled. Tim just emailed me and told me you got my spot, so I just wanted to say:

    1) GOOD LUCK!
    2) I'm sorry you only found out now (because I only found out now).

    I won't be there to cheer you on, obviously, but I'll be thinking about you and I hope you kill it.


  2. Hi Anna!

    Too bad that you couldn't participate! When Tim told me just after Boulder 3 that you qualified for finals I already told him you would be happy with it! If I just would have known you didn't know it yourself, I could notice you! Sorry about that.
    Anyways, as you might have seen: I got a third place. So I was happy that I could participate in the end. So I guess I should thank you for that 🙂
    Hopefully you will climb strong next year and qualify again!


  3. Hey Mirthe,

    I checked the results right away, and am very happy you got 3rd place! As far as I'm concerned, it worked out for the best. Next year I'll be sure to qualify. I'm training hard right now (physically), and will be working on my biggest weakness as well: my mental game. So I should be able to do well next year. I want to qualify for the NK in the top 10, at least.

    (And I secretly hope you'll get 1st place next year.)


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