Frankenjura and my first 8a!

Sweet Days in the Frankenjura
I just got back from an awesome trip to the Frankenjura with Stefan! I didn’t know Germany was so pretty!!! Amazing forest, quiet atmosphere, great people and many crags everywhere. When you’re driving you think: where the * are those rocks?! Then you walk 5 minutes and there it is. Beautiful walls, superb routes and thousands of spiders ;).
Stefan is almost a local in the Frankenjura. He knows where to go when it’s wet, where to go when it’s hot, where to go when you are a baby with fingers that are too weak for hardcore pockets ;).
We climbed many routes in so many different styles. I love the Frankenjura and I’m looking forward to go back.
I can talk on and on about it, but we also made a video. Enjoy!

Die Zwei Muskeltiere: breaking through the barrier 
Some people might know that my goal for 2012 was: climbing my first 8a. I wanted to pursue my line of progress. But… I didn’t reach that goal. The result was that I didn’t want to put up any numerical goals anymore.
In the beginning of 2013 I reached a new grade by climbing my first two 5.13a’s. I was pretty happy to notice that I could still make some progress, even after all the injuries. Since I’m back in the Netherlands I am training, really training this time. While I didn’t have any goals, except getting better and stronger, I broke into the new grade last week by climbing Die Zwei Muskeltiere in the Frankenjura. Finally 🙂
Now I’ve climbed 8a, I feel kind of relaxed. I can not feel the pressure of climbing my first 8a anymore and that’s quite nice :D. But yeah, now I’ve climbed this first one I’m psyched for more…:P

Die Zwei Muskeltiere, 8a
(print screen out of the video) 

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