Lead 3


It’s been a while ago, but I competed at Lead 3. The competition was being held in the fairly new climbing gym in Amsterdam.
I was less tensed than the other lead comp a couple of weeks before and managed to stay cool during the qualifiers. A bit too cool, if you ask me, because my fingers almost froze off in the first route on small crimps. I couldn’t top out on that one but flashed the other one and got myself placed 6th for the finals.

During the finals I struggled a bit with the first clip. It turned out to be different than I expected and I wasn’t very quick in changing my plan. After that first clip I climbed pretty steady further but got really pumped just before the roof and fell at a big pinch. Just good enough to maintain my 6th place. Unfortunately I didn’t qualify straight away for the Dutch Championships because they count all 3 results from the 3 qualifying competitions and I missed out on the first one.
I will try to qualify myself during the Climb Off in October.

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