Competition and Rocks!

Coming Saturday I’ll compete at the last Dutch bouldering competition of the season. I couldn’t attend the other two because of my injured knee, but during a climbing trip in St Léger I noticed that my knee is recovered well enough to give it a go! I haven’t been bouldering since I left the USA, so I am really psyched and curious how it will feel!

Lead 2
A few weeks ago I attended another competition: lead 2. It was my third lead climbing competition and my biggest goal was to stay focused and temper my nerves. Since I’ve been working on my breathing techniques and concentration skills I was motivated to exert these new habits into a competition environment. It worked out a little bit, because I was less nervous and better prepared than before. However, I still have to improve these aspects big time! Looking forward to other lead climbing competitions to improve this mental aspect of competition climbing.

(Credits: Ruben Meibergen)

After this competition (with super fun routes by the way) I went to St. Léger with Nikki and Frank.
I’m so thankful for the invitation because I have had an awesome, incredible, sunny climbing week in France.
Rifle was my favorite climbing crag.. but I guess it’s my second best now 🙂
The pretty environment, beautiful rock with colo’s and picturesque villages were fantastic.
It was incredible to watch Nikki finishing a super long 8b(+) second go the first day!! I had to get used to outdoor climbing at the rocks again and got the skills only at the last day of our trip :). Should have stayed longer!!! I’ve climbed various routes, ranged from 6c to 7c. I loved the style of climbing with hand crosses, pinchers, shouldery moves and roof sequences. Got pumped like crazy on big jugs in steep, long walls.
Those walls are so impressive!!!!!

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