Road Trippin’ – A goodbye journey

What do you do if you can’t climb? Right, you go on a road trip. 
Together with my friend Fardau I enjoyed the variety of amazing landscapes within the USA. 

We drove from Colorado to California. Our first stop was in Salt Lake City, where we enjoyed beers in the bar next to the parking where we slept in the car. 

The Great Salt Lake, Utah

The next day we drove to San Francisco. We found a nice spot for our car at the parking lot from Marina Green Park, inclusive the outdoor fitness court where I could keep working on my frenchies and typewriters ;). 

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 

We had two great days in this lively city before we drove further to Yosemite.
It was pretty awesome to finally see Half Dome and El Capitan in real life.

Yosemite, California
While drinking some nice beers in the pub that evening, we were trying to figure out where we would sleep.  Sleeping in your car isn’t allowed in the Camp 4 area. The tough bartender Jo, convinced us that sleeping on the ground wouldn’t hurt us. She did that all the time. When she referred to us as little babies, we made our decision. Of course we were going to sleep on the ground between the well-known Yosemite bears! So we did, and to be honest, we felt pretty awesome and it was pretty comfortable! 

Ready for a night under the stars
Not being able to give Midnight Lightning a try the next day (MCL injury), was pretty painful for my climbers heart… Instead we drove to the Giant Sequoia trees and those were so big that we thought they were fake!
Giant Sequoia, to big for my camera! 
I had to feel it! Midnight Lightning

From Yosemite we drove back to the coast. Morro Bay, Malibu and LA. We did a lot of hanging around at the beach (because I couldn’t do much else) and enjoyed the sunshine. Parked between bums at night, taking showers at the harbors and try to save money by eating nacho’s every night.

The night before we went to LA we did it all different. We went to a sushi bar and got invited by rich people to stay the night at their drive.
Morro Bay
Morro Bay (find the heron!) 

Our last night before Fardau would leave the USA, going to Fiji, we visit a friend of mine in LA. That was a super fun night  and we woke up with the crazy funny cat on top of us.

After our goodbye I drove back to the Springs, driving through Arizona. I took my time and visited the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest. I also took some back country routes and really enjoyed driving and sightseeing. It was an amazing experience. I got a little bit addicted to driving in a car which was my home at the same time.

Stormy weather driving to Flagstaff 
Long road, beautiful surroundings 

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Great Sand dunes, Colorado 

This trip was more than just a road trip for me, it was a goodbye journey. I recently decided to move back to the Netherlands because I ended my relationship. I’ll move back in April and I’ll miss Colorado, all my friends here, the climbing scene and the beautiful climbing crags incredibly much!
I considered staying in the USA and building up a career and life here, but that didn’t feel good.
I’m looking forward to my future, new career opportunities in The Netherlands and climbing with all my Dutch climbing buddies. I will definitely go back to visit Colorado and for now I will enjoy my last month here as good as I can. Unfortunately without climbing… But luckily enough there’s more in life than only climbing!

9 gedachtes over “Road Trippin’ – A goodbye journey

  1. I'm sorry to hear your relationship didn't work out. It'll be nice to see you around the gym in Haarlem again, though.

    I noticed you're participating in Boulder 1 – for some reason I decided to try as well. My goal is to not finish last, though I think I'm the worst climber in the competition. It'll be fun to try the problems though. See you there!


  2. Hi Anna!

    That's awesome! You will do great. If I'm competing you won't be the last for sure… because I'm recovering from a MCL tear in my knee. Haven't been climbing for 2 months and still can't climb 😦
    Hope to be able to climb that day!! Psych is high! But yeah… only 7 days left… hoping for a miracle.

    See you soon!


  3. Hey Mirthe,

    your knee's not healed yet? That sucks! I was kind of expecting you to blow them all out of the water here – you've been doing so well in competitions!

    I hope to be able to at least get off the ground. I know I could probably climb some of the problems, but I'm not so good with the self-confidence and it really affects my performance. I'm working on it, but even actually going next week will take seven days of not being a wuss and backing out. So let me promise you to see you there, that'll take care of that. 🙂

    Are you already back in The Netherlands?

    I hope you're doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.


  4. Nope, unfortunately not! Not in The Netherlands yet. I'll arrive Tuesday. Hopefully the trip will heal my knee a little bit more 🙂

    Focus on different things until you are really climbing at the comp. Do a lot of other fun stuff! Probably will be there, can't promise 😉 I'll try tomorrow how climbing feels, then I'll know if I can lift my knee up high enough to make the first move 😉

    See you!


  5. I hope your climbing goes well, and that you have a good trip back (and not too much of a jet lag)!

    I don't think I'm at the level I need to be to do really well, but if I wait around for that to happen, it might never happen, so I will just try my best. I've never been to any of these competitions so I don't even really know the format. I'll learn something for sure.

    Thanks for the advice. I'm going bouldering twice this week (today and Wednesday eve) so my body has time to rest, and I'll make sure I get enough sleep, water, and stretching. I'll just give it my all and see what happens. 🙂


  6. How did it go?!

    Unfortunately it didn't make any sense for me to go, so I didn't :). I'm not able to bend my knee enough to step up high… It's more like campussing, one-leg climbing at this moment.

    Hope you enjoyed it!
    Are you participating the next comp?


  7. I came in last (as expected), but I had a good time! I learned a lot (next time: don't be hesitant, start making attempts right away, etc), and I was more focused than I've been in months.

    I probably won't be at the next one, as it's in Deventer and that's fairly impractical with my little one. Boulder 3 (June 15 I think, in Amsterdam) I will participate in though!

    Before that, there's a month of Bleau (April 28 – end of May) for us! If you're back to climbing, feel like meeting up in the gym sometime? The comp got me psyched enough to have decided to really start training, so it'd be fun to try to do what you do. 🙂


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