Snowboarding – injured again….

“You are going on a snowboarding trip? Make sure you’ll be careful, because we have a busy period coming up. We need to keep our bodies save.” the head routesetter told me. 

Fresh snow, happy people and a snowboard. I was very excited to join my Dutch friends for a weekend snowboarding in Keystone. It was my 2nd time on a board and I liked it!!! 


The second day on the slopes… 
Getting off the lift, somebody in my way… tried to stop, twisted my knee and yelled. 
Fuck! No ABS for me, I knew immediately. 

It was pretty clear that I injured my MCL in my knee. Now, ten days later, it feels a little better. 
However, I still can’t walk properly and it’s only three days before ABS. I decided to cancel my registration. Such a bummer because I was extremely looking forward to it. 

I also let my setting team down….Why did I get on that snowboard in the first place! Waaah… 
Hopefully I can switch my ABS registration into a SCS registration. 
The good thing is that I’ve decided to go on a roadtrip with my friend Fardau! California here we come!!! 

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