Granite! That’s the keyword for last weekend. Saturday we escaped the smokey Springs for some bouldering in Evergreen. After an invitation from Kegan, we watched some videos on Mountain Project and were immediately enthusiastic about that place!! Except for the garnet gneiss (instead of sandstone), it’s our own little Fontainebleau! Including the forest! That was what we were looking for after our experience in RMNP. Summarized: easy, not too long walking distances, high concentration boulders, flat surfaces and a beautiful surrounding. Nobody was in a crushing mood that day, so after trying several V5’s and V6es without success we started to climb some mellow highballs. Or better said: we did some free soloing (taking in account the bolts at the top). Superfun!!

Secret Puzzle V1-2

Secret Puzzle V1-2

Reverse Transit V2

Think Hides V2-3

Huge Mammal V6

Existential Potential V6 

Dihedral Boulder V2

Free soloing 5.6

Does Anyone Remember Lisa Loeb? V5-6

Sunday we noticed that the US24 opened up at 1PM after being closed for over a week in relation to the wildfire. So we decided to use the opportunity and take a look at Elevenmile Canyon. We’ve heard a lot of positive things about that canyon and it’s a wonderful place indeed. Together with Mike we arrived late in the afternoon and decided to warm up in an easy 5.10d. The guidebook recommended to use a clipstick for the first bolt, but after our free solo experience Pascal just went for it! Luckily he made it to that first bolt, but the second sequence was super difficult as well. With the pre-clipped first quickdraw thanks to Pascal it was my turn to try the route. I got past the first part, climbed further and thought by myself how it could be possible that the holds were so bad for a 5.10?! Just before the anchors I was so pumped that I asked to take. Hmpf…. Mike climbed the route toprope, finally someone that did it 🙂 Time for lunch 😀
At the same place there was a supercool bouldering roof, so we played a little bit in that overhang. Lazy as we were we voted that it was beertime at the riverside. Hmmm…

Dad Speaks Parley 5.10d-5.11a

Dad Speaks Parley 5.10d-5.11a

Dad Speaks Parley 5.10d-5.11a

Dad Speaks Parley 5.10d-5.11a

Spray Cave

Spray Cave

We’ll soon go back to these two places now we discovered that they are amazing.
The 4th of July is a national holiday. Pascal will take Thursday and Friday off as well, so we have five days to spend and we will do that most likely in Rifle!!

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