Bouldering: indoor, outdoor and competition

It’s been a while since my last blogpost, but we did many fun things next to settling in at our new place.

Ute Pass
Three weeks ago we went to Ute Pass, a small bouldering area 10 minutes from our home. We did some pretty nice problems and I made a small movie that day. One of the problems I really liked, was super reachy for me. I figured out a different solution, but wasn’t able to link it with a sit-start. Last weekend I got some new beta from Hans (a friend of the Dutch climbing team who was coming over for the World Cup in Vail). That worked!

Competition simulation 
With the World Cup in Vail approaching, I really wanted to do some good training (a little bit late, but hey.. everything is at least a little bit helpful). So we went to The Spot with Mike, where I did my competition simulation. After warming up, Pascal chose five boulder problems that I worked each for five minutes with equal rest in-between. Next to this training I tried as many nice, hard problems as I could. I wasn’t super fit and got pumped very quickly. The day after I knew why, I got sick!

So that was last week. I had a cold and that was pretty frustrating knowing that the weather outside was beautiful when I was lying in my bed. I also felt a little bit worried, because I wanted to train hard that week!! I could not do anything and got weaker and weaker. The first day I went to the gym after my cold, I couldn’t even climb a V5, got pumped super fast and couldn’t breath after each try. It felt as if I came from the low sea level Netherlands just a day ago! All my fitness, gone! A day later Hans arrived and he felt fitter then I did! Haha.

Ute Pass and City Rock
Pascal had a long weekend off this week, because of Memorial day on Monday. Saturday we went up to Pikes Peak, to give Hans his high altitude-shot. After this beautiful ride we went to Ute Pass where we did some problems. Walking up was exhausting! After this beautiful trip up the 14.000’er we showed Hans our new gym City Rock, where I was able to climb the V5’s ,V6’s and parts of V7’s again. That made me confident that my fitness was coming back.

The Spot and ABC kids
Sunday we went to The Spot, to get used to the higher boulder problems. There were some nice, powerful and dynamic problems. We stayed there the whole day and finished our training with some table football against Alex Puccio and Courtney Sanders…. we were the losers (three times… oops). Before we left we checked out the new ABC kids climbing gym! It’s even higher then The Spot and I saw a lot of good problems set already! Can’t wait to go climbing there soon.

Ute Valley Park 
Monday we went with Mike to Ute Valley Park. It’s a spot next to Pascal’s work with limestone boulders. Hans climbed a cool V9. Still a project for Pascal, Mike and me. One hard move, super fun problem. I didn’t climb much, because my skin was almost gone after a few problems.

Last day of training
Yesterday I did my last training session at City Rock. Today we are heading to Vail. I’m super excited. Last year the Teva Mountain Games were super fun! Great weather, many happy people and a super nice atmosphere! I’m even more excited for the World Cup. I’m curious what the boulder problems will be, how I will feel, how I will do. I have only one World Cup experience and that was better than I ever expected, because I flashed the first problem.
I have no expectations at all but hopefully I can make some bonus holds!!

You can follow the whole World Cup live. The qualifications are on Friday, the 1st of June.
The female qualification round starts at 10:00 am (in the Netherlands that’s 18:00). I will be one of the last on the starting list.

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