Days before my first lead competition

Tomorrow will be the day of my first lead competition! I’m super excited and curious how it will feel to compete with a rope ūüôā I wasn’t allowed to train this last week in my own local climbing gym, Mountain Network Nieuwegein, because that’s the place where it’s going to happen tomorrow!
But that was not bad at all because we went to some other fun gyms!

When we landed at Eindhoven Airport after our Siurana trip, we decided to do some bouldering at Monk Bouldergym. They’ve re-build their small climbing ‘mushroom’ and now it’s huge! We had a great time bouldering on this new, long overhanging prow.

Pascal and I went to Klimhal Amsterdam¬†on Tuesday and did a few lead routes. I really like the lead-climb¬†opportunity¬†in this gym, especially because their’s none in MN Nieuwegein. We didn’t climb much however, because we were attracted by the DMM test corner. Someone from the DMM manufacturing facility is doing a road trip and has most of DMM’s climbing material on display.
Next to the look-and-feel possibility they brought one of their cool testing machines that can measure the force at which climbing materials break. DMM is still visiting other gyms so take a look if you can be there! Bring your own old climbing gear with you, to see how much force it can take!

Wednesday I went climbing and bouldering with my climbing partner Geer and Pascal at Klimmuur Haarlem, the gym where we used to climb when we lived in Haarlem. 

Thursday it was a sunny 18 degrees spring-feeling day so we went to¬†Klimhal Amsterdam¬†again to climb on their impressive outdoor climbing wall! Pascal, Stephan and I enjoyed the great weather and the fun climbing routes. I couldn’t climb as much as I wanted, because my finger ached to much ūüė¶
Make sure you check out the outdoor climbing ans bouldering¬†facility¬†this summer, it’s so cool! Bart showed me the coming¬†Chillaz¬†winter collection and there’s a lot of really cool stuff!! It was funny to try-on winter clothing at the sunniest day after the Winter!

Friday and Saturday (today) I didn’t climb, so I’m craving right now and looking forward to compete tomorrow!!¬†

Some pictures and a small movie I made with my new camera. 

Pascal climbing outdoors at Klimhal Amsterdam

Stephan climbing outdoors at Klimhal Amsterdam

Pascal and Stephan at the rock-like outdoor wall

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