Hard Moves 2012

The Dutch Team!

Volumes are cool!!! I had an awesome time bouldering the fantastic boulderproblems at the Hard Moves competition in Wuppertal! Since Enya (qualified for the finals in Cube Bouldergym) was injured, I was invited by Herman Engbers to participate as part of their gladiator team. I am happy that I accepted his offer, because I had a lot of fun with them.

The format of this competition was new for me. Qualification rounds were held at different gyms in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands. The finals took place at the Wupperwände in Wuppertal in which the ten best qualified men and women from every gym could participate. From 1pm until 6pm all the participants tried their hardest on forty boulderproblems. Each climbed problem by a person, resulted in one point for the team ranking. The highest score would be 400 points for one team. The five best teams had to send five team members into the finals to compete in five boulderproblems. The crowd was amazing and the boulder problems were very spectaculair. 

My qualification
It was supercrowded and when we had to start our qualification I was nervous like never before. Shaking on my feet because I had seen only super muscled, strong boulderers and was afraid to fail. After five problems, including some more difficult problems, I got relaxed and enjoyed the amazing beautiful problems. So different then I’m used to climb. I noticed that I was able to keep up with these strong people and even flashed some hard problems. I’ve also noticed again that I love my La Sportiva Solutions because I could stick to small foot holds where everybody slipped off! We didn’t make it into the finals and ended with a 16th place out of twenty teams. I managed to climb 21 problems of the forty, almost 22 😀

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