Bouldering: playing in the gym!

Bouldering is fun! In my local gym I’m usually rope-climbing, but Monday I did some bouldering with Stephan and Maurits! We had fun with traversing a boulderingroute and played the bouldering game. We even did a ‘derviche’ without knowing what that is! Gaby taught us this new word for the strange movement we made in our boulder. I had a great day and was totally finished after six hours of climbing. Strange, because when I started with climbing I could easily climb whole day long in the gym.

The day before, Sunday, I also went bouldering with Marta, Nick, Myrthe and Armand at Monk Bouldergym. Vera told us that the black circuit was super nice and technical and she was totally right. Every black problem I did was beautiful! After two easy circuits, I did some more powerful problems and I noticed that I was strong! Always nice. Together with Nick and Armand I did some exercises on the campus board afterwards and we had some gymnastic childish fun on the mats before grabbing a delicious beer!
After this bouldering session I had two days of muscle pain! I was surprised that I could climb the day after in Nieuwegein. Yesterday, however, I was weak! After one day of rest, I went climbing with my friend Geer in Haarlem but I got pumped after every four moves I made. Haha. Friday I’m going to climb with Armand and I will focus on anaerobic endurance. In a while I’ll evaluate my training days and write something about that.

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