100% Bouldering

Yesterday Klimmuur Den Haag organized a super fun comp called 100% bouldering. The objective was to climb as many boulderproblems as possible in order to reach the finals. After eleven days of rest (for my wrist) I was really craving to climb! I climbed from 1 to 5 pm without a rest. I only did 3th, 4th, 5th and a few 6th grade problems! In those four hours my eager was satisfied. I did 69 problems and ended up first for the finals. While I was queuing for the buffet, I felt my legs were so super tired! Crazy. How was I supposed to climb another four boulderproblems? In the end that was not so difficult because the crew set funny, not so difficult boulders and the audience was super supportive.

The finals existed of four problems which had to be climbed in twenty minutes.
 Four girls made it to the finals and the only thing that we had to do was strive for 100%! You could earn 25% for one top or 12,5% for the bonus hold. I flashed my first problem but struggled in the second. I decided to try the other two problems first and also flashed those. Elena Belova also flashed three problems and with only one problem left things got pretty exciting. After three tries I topped the fourth and soon after Elena did the same. We both got 100% of the boulders! Aniek Lith and Bouchra Jemla were in the run for the third and fouth place but the difference was made by a flash of Aniek. Elena and myself had to battle against each other in a superfinal. We had to do the men’s problem #3. We got three tries and the one that managed to get highest won. It was pretty exciting because in our first and second try we fell at the same point. In our third try we both came highest, but I managed to fix the bonus hold one/two seconds and Elena just tapped that hold. Cool, a first place!

Me in men’s problem #3 for the superfinal.
Picture made by Jessica Vegh

The men’s final was totally different because they were all fighting in the problems, despite their tiredness of the qualification. The percentages on the scoreboard were changing all the time. Until the last minute Tim Reuser and Truong Ngo were tied. It was amazing that Tim managed to climb the last boulderproblem. It was a huge achievement of Tim Reuser, because he bouldered for 200% at 100% bouldering. He had climbed all hundred problems in the qualification and all boulders in the final! Well deserved victory. Also Youri van Vliet successfully sent men’s problem #3 in the very last seconds and ended up third!

Tim Reuser in the final, climbing for 200%
Picture made by Jessica Vegh

We had a lot of fun yesterday and a lot of muscle pain today! So my endurance training has started yesterday :D. Feels great!

Watch the movie. Not so good, but yeah.. we were tired!!! Oh and the color of my new Chillaz outfit is….

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