Training Time

Two weeks ago I had a great time in Font with friends. Unlike our other trips, we went to a gîte instead of the campsite because the weather forecast predicted freezing nights. When we arrived in the middle of the night, it wasn’t freezing at all and it turned out we could have easily spent the weekend at the campsite after all! However, we had great evenings in the gîte with good food, funny games and a broken bed frame! Climbing with three really strong climbers (Ijan, Hans and Vera), motivated me a lot! Driving back home we’ve talked with Vera about her training schedule and I got excited by the idea to start training.

Before I climbed, I practiced some other sports like skateboarding, BMXing and running. I liked all these sports, until the natural progression stopped. Unfortunately I was never motivated enough to start training at that point, to get better. The same story with playing instruments. It had to go easily, spontaneous. Since I started climbing, I often wondered what I would do when I would arrive the moment of blockade. Usually I lost my interest and I’ve wondered if it would be the same with climbing. I thought it would be different but this month I realized it really is different. I’ve reached the point where I have to start working to continue progressing and I’m motivated to do so!

Last week I read the book ‘Training for Climbing‘. Enthusiastic as I am, I’ve designed a whole training program for the coming year. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so if I do something like that I prepare it very well. I designed two training books, for Pascal and myself. So now we have a schedule to stick to (with a lot of variation, because fun is still the most important thing for us and also a tip the writer Eric Hörst gives in his book). We started in a so-called strength and power block. This is the second week into the schedule and I’m still excited!

I will review the difficulties, problems and progress now and then.

Feel free to share your own experiences or comment on my schedule!

4 gedachtes over “Training Time

  1. Hi! Klopt, dat heb ik niet in dit schema staan.
    Ik heb wel grondoefeningen (rekken, buikspieren, beenspieren, rugoefeningen et cetera) die ik op rustdagen doe. Zal ik ook nog eens op papier zetten en evalueren.


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