Ultra Soft Bouldering

After my great graduation party with family and friends in Amsterdam, Pascal and I went to the climbing gym Sloterdijk for the Ultra Soft Bouldering event. When we arrived, we saw a lot of enthusiastic boulderers running around, one of them swinging on a big red beanbag!! Crazy! 

Monkey Trail
I was happy to see that a lot of people were trying and having fun in one of the boulderproblems that I put up. We joined the happy crowd quickly and climbed some really nice problems, jumped on the beanbag which swung into a rope ladder and moved further with a strange monkey style on ropes and knots!

Because we were a little late, the time flew! I wanted to do more and more of those nice boulderproblems. I wanted to feel tired, and sure I did after trying the really cool monkey trail. So much fun! Everybody got a very sweet present, when handing in their scorecard! Monkey toys!

There were also six winners of the evening, and the prices were nice beanies! I was one of the lucky winners and got this really nice green beanie. I’d lost my other beanie in Fontainebleau, so I’m extremely happy with this one! Thanks!!

The party went on with tasty snacks at the bar of the gym. Unfortunately we had to catch the train shortly after, but we enjoined the Ultra Soft Bouldering event a lot!! 

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