The Bouldernight!

Picture made by Patricia Marwitz

Since I started climbing, I never missed the annual recurrence of the bouldernight! The Bouldernight is a playful comp, organized by the climbing gym in Haarlem. This event is characterized by: nice music, good food, plenty of  cocktails, great boulderproblems and a sleepless night! The party started at Saturday 9 pm with more then 150 boulderers having fun in qualification boulders of all grades. I was really hyper because I haven’t climbed for the last two weeks due to a wrist-injury. The day before I went to a sports doctor who told me I can climb, without making painful movements. In two weeks I will know more about the problem with my wrist, after a MRI scan. Hopefully it’s just an inflammation! Anyway, I was really happy to join the other climbers and found some problems that didn’t hurt my wrist at all! 

At 0:30 am the qualification time was over and the local climber Simanto performed with a great act for the audience! In anticipation of the finals, people enjoyed themselves with beers, cocktails, chips and hotdogs. Unfortunately there were only three women that participated in the final. Anna Scott couldn’t participate because of a finger injury and the others didn’t want to. I decided to participate, with the intention not to cross my painborder due to adrenaline. But there was no adrenaline at all, maybe because it just wasn’t exciting. I already knew beforehand that Vera would win and I had no expectations of myself. Nevertheless, I climbed myself into the second place. I even surprised myself by doing a small dyno!
After this quick women’s final I joined the audience to watch the men’s final in which Vera was allowed to climb!! So cool! She had to start with the first boulderproblem and managed to do a couple of moves. Surprisingly, the men who followed couldn’t get passed the first move in their first attempt!! Only Truong was very strong in this problem together with Vera. The second boulderproblem had a difficult start as well. It was exciting to see the progression of the climbers in this problem. Tim Reuser and Michiel Niewenhuijsen almost topped this problem in their second attempt, but only Michiel made it to the top in his third try! The third problem was the same story. First move was very hard and most of the finalist couldn’t stick the sloper.Tim Reuser almost made it to the top, but only the King of the Bouldernight, Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen, topped this last problem! 
After all these hours of bouldering, the party went on and on and on…. At 7:30 am we decided to role into our sleeping bags!

Two hours later the music and smell of fried eggs and coffee made us wake up! What a great final edition of the bouldernight in Haarlem!

Finally, I have some other news to mention. Last week I got the message that I am allowed to participate in the World Cup Bouldering in Vail next summer! I’m really excited and looking forward to train for this competition! Right now I’m waiting for more news about my wrist, hoping I can start training soon! Within three weeks, Pascal and I move to Colorado Springs, USA for a couple of years! So it will be a really exciting month. I will keep you posted!

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