Three days in Fontainebleau

Mirthe climbing L’Angle Ben’s
Sun, baguettes, owl piss, fun, fire, locals and Solutions! We had a fantastic weekend in Font.

Day one we went to Franchard Isatis. It was the first time Stephan saw the sandstone boulders of Font and gosh, he climb so well on it. Together with Thomas, Pascal and Stephan we played a little on different rocks, mostly slabs, and then we walk into a dyno, called Vin Rouge 7a. Thomas is our master of jumping and very quickly he did the problem. We couldn’t even move our body in that starting position! After a bit of a walk, we spotted L’Angle Ben’s 7a(+). I’ve seen that boulderproblem before, but never tried it. We decided to play a little bit on the nice arête and found ourselves making progress. I decided to take a break, meanwhile the rock could dry and Pascal could work in his project El Poussif 7a+. When we came back at L’Angle Ben’s, a local was climbing the line on the other side of the arête and joined us. My first try after the short break was really close, I jumped for the finish hold but missed it. I tried it immediately again, but failed before the jump. The next try I did it. The strange thing I found about this problem, is that the right arm must work very hard to stick the arête on the left.

When we arrived at the campsite, our friends already made fire and late in the night the fire was really big and warm. Hmmm!

The second day we went to Franchard Cuisinière. After a short warm up we went directly to a project of Pascal, called De Fil en Aiguille 6c(+). This problem looks awesome and is very nice to climb! We stayed there almost all day long. We saw people come and go, some of them had success others didn’t. After a while, Pascal succeeded in sticking the jump to the right! So cool! Stephan and I still struggled. I jumped a few times, but not far enough.

De Fil en Aiguille 

A big campfire again with more Dutch friends around it. Stephan bought some cider and quickly he noticed that it tasted like owl piss and it made him tipsy! 

The last day we went to Apremont. We didn’t stay the whole day and went to Cuvier after Thomas climbed a nice slab (La Science Friction 6a) and I climbed a problem with really nice moves (Légitime Adhèrence assis 7a). We had to show Stephan the historic site with famous boulder problems. So we ended by another project of Pascal and Thomas, La Marie Rose. The first 6a of the forest. With some expert advise from a Bleausard, Pascal succeeded to climb his longstanding project! He found new beta to skip the move he found so difficult. Also Thomas climbed La Marie Rose and even Stephan made great progress in this famous boulder.

Pascal finishing his project La Marie Rose

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